Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Finally found time...

What a dreary morning in Leicestershire :-( I love having my sewing room in the conservatory being able to look directly out of a big window but my goodness me this time of the year it's cold...even when the heatings on full.
This mornings not gone quite to plan, I've woken up with another cold, so grumpy anyway and one of our chickens has died of old age, bless her :-(
To cheer myself up though I've cracked on with my snow suit commission, I've drawn up a pattern after lots of scribbling and measuring and made a prototype, best to be on the safe side before I cut the 'best' material, especially when your feeling under the weather anyway lol
I've sewn the prototype together, re-measured it against my customers measurements and have now shaved a little more off the sides of my paper pattern, hopefully I'm not going completely mad and used goodness knows what measurements from I don't know where...only joking but do feel like I may need an early night tonight lol

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