Monday, 23 January 2012


Good morning everyone.
Why is it some mornings I feel like I've done a full day before I've even got the kids to school. Oh I know the key is in the preparation so I try and get the kids to get their bags, uniform etc. ready the night before, I make the dinners the night before so surely all we should need to do is get up, get dressed, have breakfast and go...surely? So why oh why is it like world war three! My youngest (3) doesn't Like getting up, doesn't like cereal or having her hair brushed. My oldest (11) doesn't like getting up, brushing her teeth, being looked at or hurrying along with anything really. My middle child (8 til Friday)...well where do I start, he's got Autism so he does everything at his own pace, while talking/shouting at himself, to himself and generally tries to get a reaction from anyone to make an already stressful morning worse! It's no wonder I have grey hair!
I didn't finally sit down and try to drink my third cup of tea (other two went cold) until 10.45 when I'd finally got the kids to school, popped to town for fabric, hoovered the house and sent my husband to work.
Here's to a peaceful half hour before the madness of a three year old and the stess of looking for insurance start. Have a great day everybody :-)

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