Saturday, 21 January 2012


After reading a fellow crafters blog I realised that I should maybe explain why I called my business Fairyknowz.

In August 2011 we spent 3 weeks in Scotland, sitting in the most amazing surroundings with wine in hand, out of nowhere I turned to my husband and said "I want to make children's clothes and sell them, I really think I could do it" I was never this confident about anything to do with my abilities normally and as I spoke the words I felt a release inside. A little voice told me I actually could pull this off. I loved my job as a deputy at a preschool but between family and work it was loosing its appeal.
Next day sitting in the sun, yes I know Sun in Scotland, my youngest daughter touched my nose and said "mummy where's your fairy nose? I realised she had once asked what my diamond nose stud was and I'd told her it made me a fairy :-)
That was the moment the sound of the name was born.
It was only later in the month when we were back home, my husband realised I was serious about my business proposition that he made the play on words.
And the spelling was born :-)
I now have a Fairyknowz business and on some days a fairy nose to make me special :-)


  1. I love this story! :) Much better than mine! x

    1. Noooo! I thought yours was great, I love knowing why things are called what they are. Stories are the source of everything!
      You were my inspiration to write it, I loved reading yours xx