Saturday, 4 February 2012


We've  had a new addition to the family.....Vicki the chicken.
Dropped our three children off at school and preschool and my husband and I snuck to a shop that sold chickens. I say snuck with a little chuckle, last time we went looking it was my turn to choose. Somehow we came back with a white chicken which my youngest daughter got to choose, so yes we definitely snuck lol
Anyway, first shop we went to only had brown ones and they didn't look too happy, they were huddled in a corner. So the good old phone came out and after a bit of Google'ing we found a place called Heidi's Happy Hens in Rugby, England.
It is a fab place and as the name suggests the hens are extremely happy, so Vicki was chosen :-)
Well that was just over a week ago and Mildred and Vicki are like they've been together since birth :-) they follow each other, share everything and seem to.look after each other.
The kids are still scared of them as Mildred's slightly over friendly :-) very comical to watch her chasing the kids for a cuddle :-) evil mum I know :-)

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