Sunday, 6 January 2013

A realisation!

Good morning everyone, I'm sat here waiting for the kids to get up listening to David Cameron on the tv rowing...sorry debating! I'm not quite sure how the kids will get up on Tuesday for school :-) I love them lying in on the school holidays, they look like angels when they're asleep, so quiet, like butter wouldn't melt! And the rowing doesn't start til later :-)

It has come to my attention, it started as a little voice in my tummy and I didn't want to listen, you see I never want to listen when it's something good about me. I love my family so much and I'm so proud of them and what we achieve, but me on my own, well that's very different.
For a while this little voice has been talking, telling me to listen to things people are saying and I've tried to hush it away but the realisation has come that they're real, that they're good and that I can't ignore them anymore :-D
You see I'm the girl who adored Guns and Roses when everyone else liked chart music, I'm the girl that was picked on and was scared to walk to junior school, I'm the girl who didn't know what racism was until she went to uni (that was a shock!) I'm the girl who thought she was thick until in my last year of Uni found out I am actually dyslexic, I'm the girl who always tried but never quiet hit the mark, the one born on a Thursday and has struggled with, well just about everything! So at 37 years old it's quite scary to have realised that people think your an inspiration (as someone called me this week) and are helping me on my very fast train ride to Poplin world.
I'm finally learning to take the compliment and the help and their excitement and allowing it to affect me, yes me.......and I have to say it's a rather wonderful feeling :-)
Here's to lots of rather wonderful feelings to come this year :-)
Happy New Year, don't give up xxx

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