Sunday, 25 November 2012

Getting out the house can lead anywhere :-)

Well my husband says I've turned into a hermit, he says I like sewing so much I've forgotten what it's like to go out of the house apart from of course the dreaded school run :-)
And hes right!
I love sewing and when I'm in the 'zone', designing, cutting and sewing I'm quite happy in my little bubble in my warm, quiet house...I don't want to go out. When I'm in the house I wear very unattractive joggers or other similar trousers, they allow me to move around the floor easily which is where I am when I'm not sewing at my machine. Therefore to go out means making an effort not to mention getting cold and wet this time of year so yes, I'm quiet happy in Fairy Hollow :-)
Any how after a few comments from the hubster I was starting to wonder if in deed I needed to make an effort to go out after all can you really run a business without leaving the house apart from saying the odd hello outside a classroom....I was admittedly beginning to wonder :-/
I knew someone cyberly on Facebook called Lesley Bee, we'd been chatting for a while on Facebook and although we actually live in the same town we'd never met in person. She is the most amazing photographer have a look at her website
How she finds the time I'll never know but she's also an amazing advocator of local businesses, she runs a page on Facebook called Support Hinckley Bussineses which is a great help for all local businesses. As a spin of from this she came up with a fab idea about local business ladies meeting up, maybe for lunch, maybe to talk about business, but definitely to help each other with business.
The first meeting came along and there was a decent turn got me out of the house and the magic words 'nice food' was all I really needed to persuade me to go :-) Although I hate the stand up and talk about business thing, OK anything, in front of a group of strangers fills me with dread, I actually found it inspiring, nerve racking but inspiring.
By the time the second meeting came last week our decent turn out turned into twenty six (or there abouts) local businesses and a true network was born. Lesley Bee should be extremely proud of herself for inspiring and bringing together businesses which are already fantastically networking and even more proud that she got me out of the house and inspired me to be proud of my business and very excited about the change in products for Fairyknowz as well as more importantly teaching me that its actually very good to get out of the house and network! :-)
From all this came an email from one of the businesses asking me if Fairyknowz would like to be involved in a local church tree festival and this is where the next couple of blogs will help anyone interested in making some easy, homemade tree decorations from things you may have around your home or using some very cheap bits and pieces for yourself. 

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  1. Hannah, very heartfelt and I can echo what you are feeling. It is all too easy to stay cooped up in the name of busyness. Like you I loved the 2 ladies lunches and felt so at home immediately - thanks to Lesley and all the lovely ladies there. It is the only network group where I have not felt the need to impress or sell myself, the conversations just flowed. I look forward to seeing your tree at the St Mary's Christmas Tree Festival this weekend. Love and laughter Catherine Hamilton