Friday, 29 March 2013

Lie ins not lions! CE Marking and an origin of an idea :-)

I feel cheated sometimes, it's the school holidays here in Leicestershire and I haven't managed a lie in once. The house is still quiet and calm before the storm...yep the kids are still in bed.
They've been off for a week now and every morning without fail I've been wide awake way before 7am :-(  Just what is going on? Am I destined never to have a real lie in :-( don't get me wrong I get loads of work done while the house is quiet but please, just once would be nice and then I wouldn't be falling asleep at 9pm when my husband and I actually have some adult time together :-)

I've had a few emails lately asking about where I got the idea for Poplins and CE Marking too.
So here goes...

CE Marking is a legal requirement of toys in Europe that includes any item that a child may like or appeals to a child, i.e. a cushion cover etc. There's lots of information and support out there to enable you to CE Mark and conform to these standards. And there really is no excuse not to do it. There are at least two facebook pages dedicated to the subject which both are friendly and supportive.

Don't just turn a blind eye and think because you sell at craft fairs or to friends it doesn't matter, it does and it does because this is the welfare of our children that is being protected by makers conforming to standards. I know I sound harsh but it so easy to test that there is just no excuse not too.

The idea for Poplins came from a conversation I had with my youngest daughter while she was poorly in bed with a broken collar bone. I was trying to take her mind of the terrible pain she was in and we were talking about what she loved about her well loved rabbit Sarah. I kind of had a Urika moment where I sprang to life with a pen paper and followed very quickly with some scissors, in an hour or so I'd made like a mad woman and the first poplin was born. I knew instantly I made something amazing!
It had a narrow neck for little hands to hold, soft ears and face to stroke, a pillow shaped head so it could be led on, really floppy arms and legs...perfect for dragging and knots for arm and knee joints.
Poplins in themselves haven't evolved much as they work so well but I still have urika moments where I have an idea for a different designed poplin like the rabbit or Taglin.
I love my Poplins and they really are my thing, I get attached to each one and they all have their little quirks......and yes I'm probably going mad, I probably think I was always a little of the beaten way to be I think ;-D

Have a fab bank holiday weekend with maybe a lie in or two :-)

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