Sunday, 20 May 2012

An exciting week with far too much to do

I can predict the future...well, next Saturday night anyway.
Ready? Here Saturday evening I will be stressing, I will be grumpy with my poor husband (who will only be trying to help) and youngest daughter who is too cute for her own good. The other two will be safe with their dad lol
How do I know this will happen? Well easy really I have booked myself a space at a craft fair/ event. It's always the same. I'm officially a stess head and like being back at uni I'll leave everything to the last minute and will be winging it like an adrenaline junkie made worse by the fact I haven't done a stall since November and I've decided to controversially go without a table to see if I can draw more people into my little den :-). On top of that I have decided to do it in the same week my eldest daughter goes to France with her school for the first time and two of my children go on holiday with their dad for the longest time he's had them, abroad for the first time to Spain and the day before I spend a couple of days rest with my youngest daughter and my husband.
Blimey as per normal I have fantastic timing!

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