Saturday, 25 August 2012

Things need to change

I wish I could say this is what I told myself...but I didn't, I can't have the satisfaction of saying it :-D
They just did....change..or have started too :-)
I read a review for a book written by Joanne Dewberry on a website and needed to buy it, the snippet made perfect sense and was something someone had mentioned to me before but I'd not really taken any notice of after all being a mum and trying to start a business is hectic...I just went with the flow :-)
Anyway I've bought the book and am still reading so will let you know in due course.....but will say it's already making things change. I am finally in control of moving things forward and realise that I might actually be good at what I do :-)
Along the way I looked at her Facebook page it's well worth a look and has great advice and links. From my mooching :-) I got "Blogging for business by Joanne and what an eye opener, if like me you have a blog set up, was enthusiastic and then wasn't sure what to write then this is for you! It gave me some great tips and things I'd never even thought about. It's not too long and is cut into easy sections, so for a busy mum it's great.
I can see lots of Fairyknowz blogs from now on :-)
Let me know how you think I'm doing :-)

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