Friday, 11 May 2012

An emotional week

Sometimes I think the world's too hard, everyday feels hard. Everything feels like it needs too much thinking.
Of course it's not all the time I feel like this and I realise how lucky I am.
On Tuesday we heard that our cheap holiday to Cornwall was not going to happen due to unforseen circumstances, it made me sad. I have for some unknown reason have a need to be near the sea, to smell the sea, to walk across the beach and to feel the sand under my feet. It's been a long time since I smelt the sea...ok only since August but it feels so long.
On Wednesday, my eldest daughter played her clarinet in the school concert, she was amazing, so very clever. And as I sat there listening to all the solo pieces, I felt sad at how they all grow up so fast as well as proud at the young lady my daughter is growing into. There was a lady playing piano and as she played I watched the music flow through her, her movements were so smooth and she obviously loved playing the piano. As I sat watching her I thought about my uncle who sadly died earlier this year, how he loved the piano and amazing he was at playing.
And the week kind of carried on like that until today when my husband booked us another holiday at a well known holiday camp, and although the thought of this scares me to death it will be an adventure that our four year old will thinks heaven. With that change of mood direction came me cutting some patterns this afternoon and actually appreciating the beautiful organza flowers which I learnt to make via YouTube when I couldn't sleep in the week.
Sometimes life's is rubbish but as long as you can see that there will be a day, an hour, a minute that won't be as dark it's ok....well in my mind anyway xx

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