Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The way things go

My daughter's preschool seems to be well and truly in party season mode. The first party in January was easy, when I asked her what she wanted to buy her friend she said make-up...easy.
Following this theme the second birthday came and I asked my daughter again, the answer came a tutu, ok so this wasn't too bad either, I'd made some for Christmas presents and had some tulle left so easyish :-)
Next party came and I asked again what she wanted to give, the answer came...some fairy wings. I looked for some but they were expensive for what they were. You Tube is such a wonderful thing, something I wasn't sure I'd use but as with all technology that I initially hide away from it appears to be quite helpful for crafts lol
After looking it up I found myself buying the stuff to make some wings, I must be mad! After layers of paint, torn hands from the wire and glitter everywhere the wings were born.
After posting some pictures on Facebook, a few customers wanting to buy some I have now added them to my making list, I love them. They're so individual :-)
I think I'm a little scared to ask what she wants to give the next little girl. I've got two weeks lol

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