Thursday, 6 March 2014

Last minute!

There was a time, I remember it well when I would sew when I wanted to and go for coffee when I wanted, without thinking, without planning and without really caring.
Those times are long gone, somewhere in the last year something changed, I don't remember how or when.
I would have gone for a coffee with a friend and well, kind of written the rest of the day off, not even think anything about it.
Yes I'd have a mad panic a few days before a craft fair but then that was nothing new after all I spent most of my school and Uni days doing it :-)
Anyway, it dawned on me the other day that things had changed without me even realising.
I now fit sewing around everything, every moment is precious, whether it's taking my kids to a club, having lunch with my husband or sewing. I have to admit I never write a plan down...I think it would traumatise me too much :-) but, in the back of my head, in amongst the jumble of family life I do have a work plan.
I plan my time efficiently, if I wake up when my husbands on an early shift and can't get back off to sleep I get up and do some cutting before the kids get up for school I don't waste the quiet house time. 
Don't get me wrong I still have times to myself watching Jeremy Kyle eating everything I possibly can find while slurping cups of tea but they are followed by a few hours of sewing or other work.
And do you know what amazes me even more....I'm actually enjoying it! I am in control, I'm getting things done and I'm where I need to be when I need it to be's such an exhilarating experience.
So I suppose it doesn't matter at what point things changed, the point is they did and by not knowing I didn't get to fight it, somewhere deep inside I'm still that girl who thrives on the last minutes but somewhere is also the older woman who actually can't be bothered with the stress anymore of last minutes :-) 
It appears I'm growing up with a business and family in quick pursuit! 

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