Monday, 16 December 2013

A summer, A Zipoplin and A lifetime ago

Well I suppose I'd better start with the latter...I'm rubbish at this blogging lark.
I think about writing but then everything else happens in life and it gets pushed to the bottom of the pile :-/ I'm thinking this has go to stop and I need to make more of an effort to write about what's in my head, so you have been warned :-)
Next I suppose I'd better tackle the summer (I'll leave the most exciting until last) this year has been a bit of a roller coaster, I mean if you'd have told me 8 months ago that I'd be led in bed 9 days before Christmas feeling slightly smug but a little stressed I'd have quite frankly laughed at you. 
Not only have I got on a very fast train that at times I've wanted to get off or to make it slow down I have been able to enjoy time with my family. When I gave my job up exactly 2 years ago, times became very hard. 
Why did I give my job up, goodness knows....only joking, well, my middle child has Aspergers or as it's referred to in the medical profession, Autistic Spectrum Disorder. At the time I worked as a Deputy at a Preschool and although I was contracted for part time hours my work load unfortunately forgot this. The work became more and more, so did my paperwork hours and this had a very hard knock on effect on my children. My middle child found it hard to cope and became increasingly fraught, his well being began to suffer and this hard a serious knock on effect on the whole family, in particular our oldest child who became more and more embarrassed and found it increasingly hard to cope. Times were hard and my job had to give before I just gave up, they were dark, dark days were we struggled to cope with life as well as money. 
BUT this year things turned around, I don't mean with family life, for after making one of the hardest decisions in my life things got a lot better very quickly. It started slowly and then gathered pace, don't get me wrong we have days in those dark places but then doesn't everyone? We're less stressed (well most of the time) but more importantly my husband and I are back in control of our family and we are in charge....or that's what we tell the kids :-)
Which brings me back to summer, as I said when I gave up my job money was tight, going from two wages to one nearly killed us and in 2012 our beloved caravan had to sit patiently in storage as we just couldn't afford to go on holiday, we could barely afford the storage fees, we looked at every way around it but it was just the way it was. So as she (the caravan) sat patiently waiting we went to stay with family for a few days which kept everyone happy that year.
I suppose the point where I finally allowed myself to believe that Poplins were special was in July this year when for the first time since I gave my job up we got my beloved caravan out of storage and went on holiday as a family with enough money to enjoy a holiday to wales! 
You see when you buy from someone like Fairyknowz each penny counts, the money goes somewhere special, I don't mean it funds my holidays...although my children think it funds their ice creams :-) each penny goes somewhere that matters, it doesn't get lost in an abyss of wages, bills, people with no goes to new fabrics, products, happiness, well being, food! 
So you see, buying local and from small businesses is so vital for the economy in just as an important way as big companies pour money into the economics of the world.
I know you've read this far patiently, listening to my droning but I just can't bare to put Zipoplin on the end of this bit of needs one all to itself and yes it really is that important! ... and really that exciting :-D 

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