Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The bunny gets it!

So the weekend was D day for the bunny!
For a while I've been toying :-) with the idea of making some sort cuddle toy. I've been a member of a few CE sites on Facebook for a while now, just watching and reading and taking all the advice in.
Well last week I decided to take the plunge.
My daughter's got a bunny called Sarah that she tries to take everywhere so thought this was a good place to start. After making and changing a pattern three times to make it's belly more cuddly, a pattern was born :-)
I really enjoyed making him and put lots of love and cuddles into it.....he was sooo lovely.
Until.....I'd got to test him, poor, poor rabbit was sacrificed for the good of all children who are to have one to love safely in the future.
Going down the tests one by one, he was pulled, twisted, washed and attempted to set fire too.
He passed!!! With flying colours and what's more by youngest daughter has been looking after him since so he's having nice cuddles too :-)
So in a process I was so scared of became not too bad in the end but don't think I could of done it without the advice, links and help from one group of lovely ladies in particular so a big thank you!

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