Monday, 3 September 2012

Being nosey sometimes pays off :-)

Good morning!

Well my life seems to be finally sort itself out, today is the first day all three of my children are in full time education and although I feel a prang of guilt, the house is tidy, quiet and I can get along with some admin....or anything, for during school hours I am my own boss :-)

It feels like the timings are all in line, kids go to school while my business is starting to develop and move along. I have now nearly finished my branding and Fairyknowz is becoming to look more professional and like I mean business :-D
I've finally got a brilliant logo and I'm slowly starting to get it on to everything, I've found some amazing sites on Facebook, for lots of things, for my stamps and even my logo itself by Ian Howarth.

Which brings me on nicely to....while on my Facebook travels I came across someone who had commented on a page called Being nosey I thought I'd take a peek as they were discussing something about a book on running a crafting business, well it turns out that being nosey really pays off :-D
Let's just say her book is well worth the money, probably the best tenner you'll spend if your wanting to turn your hobby into a business, or seem a bit half hearted on whether it will work. The book is light to read, can be picked up and put down, so easy to read while the kids keep asking their endless questions and it gave me the kick up the bum to sort my hobby/ business out without me even realising it.
Joanne herself is friendly and approachable and it shows in the book.
I really cant speak highly enough of it as well as Joanne and would I lend you my copy...well not really, I'm not sure you'd want it with all my high lighting and tatty covers where I've had it in the bath and my handbag!

Brightword Publishing Press Release - 2nd September 2012

Joanne Dewberry, founder of craft business Charlie Moo’s, offers a quirky, no-nonsense guide to running your own successful craft business

Crafting a Successful Small Business Making, marketing and merchandising by Joanne Dewberry

The UK handmade market is currently riding high as our attitudes to shopping and the products we want to buy are changing. With this change comes a new wave of manufacturers - small, local and talented.
If you are a producer of handmade products, or you have a craft hobby and are thinking about taking the next step and wondering how to do it, then this book has the answers. In it you will find out:
• How to turn your hobby into a small business
• Where to sell your products, both on and offline
• How to price your products
• How to develop a unique and recognisable brand
• Where to start with visual merchandising
• How to use social media to market your business

This book not only takes you through these points in no-nonsense plain English, but also has quirky craft activities to complete along the way.
Jam-packed with top hints and tips from real-life crafty small business owners in the know, this book is essential reading for anyone looking to craft their way to success!

About the author
Joanne Dewberry started her first business Charlie Moo's just before the birth of her second child Megan in 2008. Disheartened by the party bags that Charlie had received at parties she decided she could do better and so Charlie Moo's was born.
Not a natural crafter nor had she sewn before, Joanne soon discovered how therapeutic sewing could be. Along the way she has learnt many new business skills which she is passionate about sharing with small business owners and in particular mums. With 3 children under 5 years herself Joanne understands the constraints on mums in business. Her passion and dedication earned her the title of Dorset Business Mum of the Year 2010 along with numerous other business accolades in the past 3 years.

Joanne is passionate about small business and writes a blog providing small businesses training, advice & networking in areas of social media, marketing and juggling children and a business.

“In 2009, I co-founded a networking group for mums in business and I soon found myself surrounded by an enormous variety of small business owners; male, female, parents and single folk. But one thing was the same - the desire and passion each one displayed for their business. It's inspiring to be surrounded by people like this. I wrote this book in order to inspire others around me and give something back to all of those who have believed in me over the past 4 years of running my own small business. Consumers want to buy products that
are handmade, local and unique – crafters want to keep on making and not be overrun with stock. Crafting a Successful Small Business is designed to help talented crafters take that step from hobby into manufacturer.”
- Joanne Dewberry, July 2012

Crafting A Successful Small Business published in July 2012 by Brightword Publishing
ISBN: 9781908003423
Available in all good bookshops

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